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Occupational Code 27-2099.00 - Detroit Michigan area

Are you Tired of paying Strip Clubs to work and watching your agent get paid for nothing? Would you like to get paid more for the job you work so hard at? Unlike the Clubs, Private Parties, like Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthday, Superbowl, Fanatasy Football, Bon Voyage, Frat Parties, and Divorce parties are great places for a stripper to pull dollars without the pressure of a house fee's and extras. We Service the Detroit Michigan area and most of southeast Michigan.

No Experience Required

Even if you are shy and have problems starting conversations with people, you can still do this job. Stripping is the type of job that most people learn as they go. Often however you end up learning by trial and error and those errors can be costly in this business. We can help you with the basic training you need so you can "Pull Dollars" with the Pros your first time out! This Job offer is for people interested in stripping and or providing the Traditional and Professional entertainment requested at special events and strip clubs all over southeast Michigan


There is no other tradition like the Bachelor party and the Bachelorette party. These parties celebrate the end of living the single life and the start of married life. and the soon to be married's last night to celebrate their freedom before taking the plunge and becoming married. The Stripper has always servered as a reminder of what they are giving up by getting married.


Stripper companies have come and gone over the years. U.S. Strippers has been around since 1996. "Stripper companies" have traditionly been run by strippers that didn't make enough at the local strip club or had already been fired from all the clubs. Many have come and gone over the years. We haven't and you won't be working with any new companies.


There are many types of entertainment. Professional Bachelor party strippers provide entertainment called "shows" that the party guests watch. they perform usally in front of and around the guest of honor. The shows can be as quick as one song or as long as 5 songs. Traditional professional entertainment should not be confused with any type of extra services.

These are family events that include a guest of honor, the host, and their friends and family and they are very safe places to go. We do not service the Detroit area, but we do service the surrounding suburbs and downtown Detroit Casinos and surrounding Hotels.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the Metro Detroits Adult Entertainers, Exotic Dancers, or Stripper and your ready to bank at private parties then your in the right place.

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